Who can apply for Australian Global Talent Independent (SC 858 Visa)


What is the Global Talent program?

The GTI program is designed to attract skilled migrants at the top of specific key sectors to Australia. It operates through an additional layer on top of an existing visa – being the Global Talent (Subclass 858) visa.


  • 2019/20 migration programme year – 5,000 spots;
  • 2020/21 migration programme year – 15,000 spots;
  • 2021/22 migration programme year – 15,000 spots.


The GTI program involves the Department taking on a more active role by engaging “Global Talent Officers” (GTO) in key locations overseas to invite targeted individuals to apply for an Australian visa. GTOs will work with countries in their regions and attend key events/expos to promote this program.




Am I eligible to apply for Australian Global Talent program?

Broadly speaking, to be eligible under this program, a candidate must:

  • fit under one of the 10 targeted sectors outlined above; and
  • have an “internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement” in their field, and either:
    • be able to attract a salary equivalent to the Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT), currently AUD $158,500; or
    • have completed their PhD in the past 3 years


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Australian Government Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce.

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