Successful AAT Appeal for a Regional Migration Visa Refusal

Facing a series of challenges in their pursuit of relocating to Australia, an applicant’s determination and the expertise of NB Migration Law resulted in a transformative success story. The Applicant, who also acted as the Nominator, encountered significant obstacles when their initial application for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) was rejected. Despite this setback, they persevered with unwavering resolve.


Seeking professional guidance, the Applicant turned to NB Migration Law, placing their trust in experienced migration lawyers. Collaboratively, they meticulously evaluated the case and devised a comprehensive strategy to fortify the nomination application. Their joint efforts left no aspect unexamined as they presented a compelling argument highlighting the genuine requirement for an Office Manager within the Nominator’s cleaning business.


As the pivotal AAT hearing scheduled for March 29th, 2023, approached, the partnership between the Applicant and NB Migration Law grew stronger. Armed with well-prepared evidence and guided by their legal advisors, the Applicant faced the Tribunal with confidence.

The unwavering dedication and adeptness of NB Migration Law bore fruit on May 15th, 2023, when the Tribunal reversed the previous refusal, granting approval for the nomination application. This watershed moment reignited the Applicant’s aspirations and breathed new life into their plans of starting anew in Australia.

With expeditious action, the Department granted approval for the nomination application on May 17th, 2023. The dream of embarking on a fresh chapter in Australia was finally within reach.

The journey continued as the subsequent visa application was resubmitted for reconsideration on June 12th, 2023. Throughout this phase, the Applicant maintained an optimistic outlook, understanding that updated clearances were pivotal for the visa grant, reinforced by the steadfast support of NB Migration Law.

As the anticipation of embracing their Australian future mounted, the Applicant expressed profound gratitude for the pivotal role played by NB Migration Law in realizing their dreams. The favorable AAT outcome underscored the commitment and proficiency of NB Migration Law.

With a commendable 25-year track record, NB Migration Law has garnered a reputation for delivering successful results across diverse visa applications, particularly in navigating intricate AAT merit reviews. The guidance and assistance furnished by NB Migration Law not only adeptly managed the complexities of the AAT process but also rekindled the Applicant’s hopes and aspirations.

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