Queensland Border restrictions, Vaccines and everything you need for traveling for Christmas Holidays


Coming to Queensland for Christmas? Here’s everything you need to know

Make your travel into Queensland this Christmas simple by getting prepared and knowing what border requirements apply to you before you come.

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From 1am 13 December, Queensland borders are opening. We’re really excited about welcoming interstate visitors to Queensland. Whether you’re coming to visit friends and family, have a holiday in our spectacular summer weather, or you’re up in the sunshine state for work, there are some new rules and restrictions you’ll need to follow to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Use this checklist to get prepared for your trip and have a safe, healthy time in Queensland.


Before your trip to Queensland

Get vaccinated for COVID-19 and be ready to show proof

If you’ve been in a declared hotspot in the past 14 days, you must be fully vaccinated to enter Queensland unless you have an exemption.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in a hotspot, everyone in Queensland will need proof of vaccination to enter locations, events and businesses from December 17.

You’re fully vaccinated once it’s been one week since your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Proof of your vaccination status can be linked to your Check In QLD app. Alternatively, you can print a copy of your immunisation history statement through the myGov website or the Australian Immunisation Register.


What if I’m not vaccinated?

People travelling into Queensland from a hotspot who are not fully vaccinated, will be required to do two weeks quarantine.

Been meaning to book in to get vaccinated? Find out where you can get vaccinated in your state or territory on the Australian Government website. Remember: you aren’t fully vaccinated until it has been one week since you got your second jab, so don’t delay on booking you appointments well ahead of your trip.


Have a negative COVID-19 test

If you have been in a declared hotspot, you will need to, while in a hotspot, get a test for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to your arrival in Queensland and get a negative test result. You will need to have proof of your negative test result with you, which you may have received in a text message or email. Find out where you can get tested in the state or territory you are in through the Health Direct website.

If you’re coming to Queensland from the New South Wales border zone, there are different rules in place, like not needing a negative test result.


Do babies and children need to be tested for COVID-19 before they travel into Queensland?

All interstate travellers who are coming from a declared hotspot need a negative PCR COVID-19 test result from within 72 hours before they arrive in Queensland and need to be tested on day 5 of their time in Queensland, including babies and children.

For infants under 12 months of age, the test will be a saliva swab taken from the cheek. Children over 12 months of age will receive a nasal and throat swab (the same as adults). Before you take your child for their test, read up on our tips for preparing your child to have a COVID-19 test.


Get your entry pass or travel declaration

You’ll need to apply for a Queensland entry pass before you enter the state. You can use this questionnaire to take you to the right application process for your needs.


Download the Check-In QLD app

In Queensland, we use Check-In QLD to electronically check in to businesses and venues. The app is used for contact tracing, which means that if you’re at the same place as someone who later tests positive for COVID-19, you can be easily notified. If you test positive to COVID-19 while you’re here, the app will be used to trace where you have been so we can alert the public.

You’ll need to use the app to check in at places like shops, business, venues, at indoor and outdoor events, and when using taxis, rideshare vehicles or limousines. You can find a full list of places you’ll need to check in here.

You can also add your proof of vaccination status to your app. Before your trip, you might like to add the names of people you’ll be travelling with, so that you can all check in on the one app when out in a group.


Pack your mask

From 1am Saturday 18 December, you need to wear a face mask in shops and retail centres, hospitals and aged care, on public transport, in ride shares, in airports and on planes everywhere in Queensland.


While you’re in Queensland

Have a COVID-19 test 5 days after you arrive

If you have been in a declared hotspot, you will need to a COVID-19 test on day 5 after your arrival in Queensland. Find your nearest testing facility through the Queensland Government website. You do not need to isolate while waiting for your results.


Know where to get information

Travelling during the pandemic means you need to keep on top of the latest COVID-19 news. It’s important that you get your news from accurate, trustworthy sources. You can relax on your trip knowing that you can easily stay up-to-date with COVID-19 news in Queensland through the Queensland Government website and the Queensland Health Facebook page. You can also sign up for emails from Queensland Health with COVID-19 health directions updates and health alerts.

It’s also important that you stay up to date with information from the states, territories or countries you have been in before coming to Queensland, and the places you plan to visit after leaving Queensland.


Know what to do if you develop COVID-19 symptoms

If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 during your time in Queensland, you need to get tested straight away and then isolate until you receive your test results.

You can find the closest testing facility to you through the Queensland Government website.


What will happen if I test positive for COVID-19 while I’m in Queensland?

If you test positive for COVID-19 while travelling in Queensland, you will be cared for through our public health system. The public health unit that covers the area you are travelling in, will call you to arrange your care and isolation requirements.


Stay safe while you’re here

While COVID-19 is front of everyone’s mind, we want you to stay safe and healthy in all ways during your time here. Here are our top tips for having your best, healthiest time in Queensland.

  • Be sun safe
  • Avoid dehydration
  • Watch out for heat stroke or heat exhaustion
  • Know what to do if you come across some of our amazing Queensland wildlife


Seek help if you need it

In Queensland, you can call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for health advice from a registered nurse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If it’s an emergency or you think your life or someone else’s life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance.


International travel

If you’re arriving in Queensland from overseas, you can find information about the requirements for entering Queensland on the Queensland Government website.




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