Is Australia Migrant Friendly? Absolutely, and The Census Confirms It!

With the release of the 2021 census findings last month, we can clearly see just how culturally diverse Australia is growing. The term ‘multicultural suburb’ will soon the become the norm if it isn’t there already.

It’s a well-known fact that ethnic peoples are drawn to each other, they speak the same language and crave the same food and music. Suburbs get a look, feel and smell all their own as areas are revitalised with injections of international flavours.

Migrants not only stick together but they readily welcome other ethnic groups into their communities. The 2021 census has shown us just how diverse some suburbs have become, with Point Cook in Melbourne’s south western outer suburbs taking the title of Most Culturally Diverse Suburb. A total of 83 different languages are spoken across the suburb, just beating out fellow Melbournian suburb of Tarneit with 82 languages.

Note: It is interesting to note that according to UN Migration, Australia has 7,690,000 migrants accounting for 30.1% of the population.


Point Cook in Victoria is the most multicultural suburb in Australia

Point Cook also has the highest number of countries of birth too, with 86 represented (the census reports over 20 residents from each nation). So when it comes to the most multicultural suburbs, Melbourne is the clear winner, with Sydney suburbs – lead by Blacktown – helping round out the top ten in both categories.

Looking across the rest of Australia we find Southport in Queensland, Prospect in South Australia, Newstead in Tasmania, Mosman Park in Western Australia, Rosebery in NT and Franklin in the ACT have the highest country of origins in their areas.


Nearly half of all Australians have a parent born overseas

The census confirmed that over 48 percent of all Australians have a parent born overseas. If we compare those numbers to thirty years ago we can see a 7% increase over that span.

When it comes to multiculturalism and percentage of ethnic groups Australia is one of the highest in the western world. With over a quarter of the Australian population born overseas we have a much higher percentage than the USA, Canada and even the UK.


For Australians Born Overseas India is on the Rise

When looking at Australian citizens, a growing number are born in other countries. England is by far the highest country of origin but what the latest census shows us is that India is now clearly number two. Over 27% of Aussies are born OS with England and India at the top to followed closely by China and New Zealand.

When looking at multicultural king of suburbs – Point Cook – we can see over 70% of residents have BOTH parents born overseas. Forty-three percent of Point Cook residents are born in this country while 17% of residents are born in India.


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