Changes Coming to the Points Test System for Skilled Migrants

Australia is gearing up for its first comprehensive update of the visa application process for prospective migrants since 2012. This initiative forms a pivotal part of a broader revamp of the nation’s immigration framework. The federal government has signalled its intent to overhaul the points test system for skilled migrants, a decisive factor in determining who gains entry into Australia, amid a strategic move to scale down immigration figures.

A recently released discussion paper has shed light on the potential modifications to the points test, NB Migration Law recommends skilled migrants take heed of this notice and form a plan now.

Who are Skilled Migrants?

Skilled migrants in Australia are individuals with sought-after qualifications, work experience, or skills. They apply for visas aimed at attracting skilled workers, helping to fill labour gaps and bolster the economy while addressing industry skill shortages. Frequently skilled migrants come via Employer-Sponsored Visas.

What is the Points Test System for Skilled Migrants?

The points test system is integral to Australia’s skilled migration program, serving to evaluate and prioritise candidates, and determines eligibility for entry to Australia for skilled migrants. It considers factors like age, English proficiency, qualifications, work history, and more. To qualify for specific skilled migration visas, applicants need to achieve a minimum score of 65 points.

An Overview of the New Changes

A comprehensive review of Australia’s migration regime, released in December, advocated for a points test that zeroes in on traits correlated with migrants successfully finding skilled work and integrating into the skilled workforce.

Furthermore, the review underscored the importance of enhancing certainty for prospective migrants, prioritising industries facing skill shortages, and acknowledging the potential contributions of younger individuals.

The government’s strategy delineated pathways for restoring migrant numbers to pre-pandemic levels and aiming to halve net overseas migration by 2025. The resurgence of international students and tourists post-pandemic led to a surge in overseas net migration to 500,000 during the 2022/23 fiscal year.

The review proposed a points test to serve as the cornerstone of a future permanent skilled migration program, with around two-thirds of permanent skilled migrants selected through this method.

To support these reforms, the federal government has tasked the Australian National University with conducting an analysis of the skills conducive to success in Australia. The discussion paper acknowledged that while reforms to the points test are imperative, the system should continue to facilitate pathways for temporary migrants seeking permanent residency or citizenship.

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