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Australia is the destination of choice for exceptional individuals. They’re expanding their businesses, commercialising their research and furthering their careers, all while enjoying Australia’s famous lifestyle.

Read about some of the many people who have made the move.

Dr Ella Hodder 

“Australia is a trusted market for clinical research and trials with strong intellectual property laws and diverse production environments”.

Dr Ella Hodder has worked in both the MedTech and AgTech industries, with a strong background in biofuels and biopharmaceuticals. Over the course of her career thus far, Dr Hodder has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the scientific community.

Dr Hodder leads the biomaterials team at Vow, in the field of cellular agriculture, utilising tissue engineering and bioprocessing to generate sustainable, clean meat products.


Victoria Potarina

From Russia

Australia’s proximity to China, India and South East Asia offers tremendous business opportunities. The Australian Government goes an extra mile to support innovation which creates a favourable environment for MedTech.

Victoria Potarina is an executive leader with over 20 years’ experience working in the Medtech sector including for blue chip multinational companies such as Johnson and Johnson. Victoria is the former CEO of Australian medical device company Truscreen, where she was instrumental in successfully navigating the business through COVID-19 culminating in recent Initial Public Offering on the ASX.

Victoria specialises in business growth acceleration, business transformation and innovative marketing strategies, for which she has received multiple international awards. Victoria has worked in various senior leadership positions in Medtech across Russia, Eastern Europe, the UK and Ireland.



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