4 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Partner Visa Outcome

Determining eligibility for a Partner Visa in Australia is a crucial stage in your migration journey. This process is complex and demanding, requiring attention to detail to ensure a successful outcome. At NB Migration Law, we recognize the gravity of this undertaking. As leading Migration Lawyers, our team has assisted thousands of visa applicants from over 49 nationalities, boasting a consistent 99% success rate. We understand the intricacies of the immigration process and the importance of submitting a complete application from the outset.


Applying for a Partner Visa independently can lead to costly and sometimes irreversible mistakes. Collaborating with a Migration Lawyer not only ensures that you meet all requirements but also involves a thorough gap analysis to ensure no critical information is overlooked. Below, we outline some of the common pitfalls to avoid when determining eligibility and preparing your application.

Insufficient Evidence of Relationship

One of the most frequent reasons for visa rejection is the failure to provide adequate evidence that proves the relationship is genuine and ongoing. Immigration authorities require convincing documentation to validate your relationship. Here are key elements to include:


  • Photographs Together: Provide a variety of photos showcasing your life together, including significant events and everyday activities.
  • Joint Financial Statements: Documents such as joint bank account statements, shared utility bills, and co-signed leases demonstrate financial interdependence.
  • Personal Statements: Detailed personal statements from both partners outlining the history and nature of the relationship.
  • Supporting Statements from Friends and Family: Letters from friends and family members attesting to the genuineness of your relationship.


Failing to include comprehensive and varied evidence can result in a negative outcome. Ensure all documentation is clear, organised, and directly supports the claims made in your application.

Incorrect or Insufficient Financial Information

Providing accurate and detailed financial information is another critical component of a successful Partner Visa application. This includes demonstrating joint financial responsibilities and assets. Key points to consider:


  • Joint Bank Accounts: Ensure you have statements showing regular transactions and shared financial activities.
  • Shared Financial Responsibilities: Include evidence of shared expenses such as rent, mortgages, utilities, and other household bills.
  • Assets Documentation: Proof of jointly owned assets like property, cars, or investments.


Lack of these documents or inconsistencies in financial information can seriously undermine your application. Present clear, detailed financial records to establish a credible financial partnership.

Inadequate Health and Character Documents

Meeting health and character requirements is essential for a Partner Visa. Delays or omissions in this area can negatively impact your application. Critical steps include:


  • Timely Health Checks: Schedule and complete all required health examinations as soon as possible. Delays in medical checks can hold up your application.
  • Character Documents: Provide comprehensive police clearance certificates from every country you have lived in for 12 months or more in the past 10 years.


Failure to provide these documents in a timely and complete manner can lead to significant delays or even denial of your visa. Ensure all health and character documents are accurate and submitted promptly.

Unclear or Blurred Evidence

Submitting poor-quality copies of important legal documents can impede the case officer’s ability to verify your information. To avoid this:


  • High-Quality Copies: Ensure all scanned documents are clear, readable, and complete.
  • Proper Certification: Where required, have documents certified by an authorised person.
  • Organised Submission: Present your documents in a well-organised manner, making it easy for the case officer to review and verify the information.
  • Poor-quality or improperly submitted documents can cause delays and complications, so it is crucial to pay attention to the quality and organisation of your evidence.


Migration Lawyers Help You Succeed


Navigating the Partner Visa application process can be daunting. Avoiding these common mistakes is vital to ensure a smooth and successful application. At NB Migration Law, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of experienced Migration Lawyers is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive outcome.


We invite you to claim a complimentary consultation with our team. During this consultation, we will assess your situation, provide expert advice, and help you strategize your application for the best possible results. 


Don’t leave your future to chance—partner with us to ensure your Partner Visa application is handled with the utmost care and expertise.


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