Body Corporate Law


A Body Corporate is the legal entity responsible for managing common property in a strata scheme. A well-run Body Corporate allows owners the benefit of cost-sharing items such as property maintenance and protects their shared interests.

However, navigating the process of establishing or modifying a community title scheme can be daunting. That’s where we step in. Our experienced team offer comprehensive guidance throughout every stage – from drafting by-laws to amending them. We can guide you on your rights, obligations and process for enforcement of the by-laws.

Our comprehensive service means that we can advise on land use or development within the scheme and the creation or amendment of your community management statement. We work with you to ensure your community title scheme runs smoothly, you have a great place to live, and your investment is protected.

Body Corporate consultation and dispute resolution

Disagreements within a Body Corporate, particularly those concerning by-laws like pet policies, noise control, and management rights, can be difficult to resolve and enforce.

From interpreting by-laws to handling disputes, we work with committees to empower members in their roles. We understand that managing a Body Corporate is not always straightforward, and for committee members, managing the affairs of the Body Corporate on behalf of members is often time-consuming.

Our experienced team is here to support you in navigating your responsibilities to protect and maintain your Body Corporate assets with strategic and timely legal advice.

How we help

Formulating or revising a Community Management Statement (CMS)

Whether you’re reviewing matters related to caretaking and letting, maintenance of body corporate property, or understanding risks associated with common areas such as elevators, staircases, lawns, gardens, and lobbies our team can provide the guidance you require.

Our tailored advice is based on your unique circumstances and draws on years of experience to help you understand a way forward.

Land Use and Development Advice for Body Corporates

Our team can review and advise on a variety of concerns, including leasing, licensing, easements, and by-laws associated with developing land governed by a CMS. Our team will help you understand your rights and responsibilities around any changes to the CMS.

NB Property simplifies the complexities of creating, enforcing and amending the by-laws of Community Title Schemes. Whether it’s handling caretaking and letting, maintaining body corporate property, managing common property risks related to elevators, stairways, and gardens, or interpreting the community management statement (CMS), our team at NB Property has the knowledge and understanding to offer fast, accurate advice.

Together, we can find a way forward. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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