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Buying a Property? Selling a Property? Need to review a lease? Dealing with Body Corporate issues? Acquiring a commercial Block?

It can be very stressful when dealing with all the paperwork, regulations and various third parties in any Property Law transaction. It is important to get the right advice at the right time to avoid substantial liabilities, risks and losing significant amounts of money.

We at NB Lawyers have a wealth of experience in both basic and complex property law and conveyancing matters.

Businesses, Body Corporates, commercial clients and individuals will appreciate that an agreement should represent your rights and interests. We provide effective, expedient and comprehensive legal advice to our clients. This gives our clients the assurance and confidence they need to enter into safe property transactions.

From the purchase of a residential home to the sale of a commercial office block, recognising an issue before it becomes a problem, and negotiating on your behalf throughout the transaction, NB Lawyers will ensure your investment is secured and appropriately handled.

NB Lawyers offers specialised advice at a cost effective price for off the plan transactions, residential and commercial sales and purchases, as well as any other property law matter.

Recent Case

Our property law team recently dealt with an off the plan purchase. Initially the matter was quite straight forward however when discussing the client’s finance options with the client and the broker it became quite apparent she would not be able to do so on her own.

This caused quite a quandary for our client, but in providing our practical legal advice we were able to sort out her options and this required a three party purchase of the property. Further complicating matters was the need to communicate with two other parties in different countries, in Asia and South America.

With our expert legal experience a solution was brokered and our client is now heading towards settlement to purchase the unit.

Most transactions will not be as complicated but if there are complications our expertise in this area will find a solution.


We undertake all relevant matters pertaining to the purchase or sale of property including reviewing the Contract and other documents, drafting contract clauses, correspondence with stakeholders such as the agent and financier (as needed), obtaining, reviewing and distributing searches; and attendance to stamping and registering transfer documents and settlement across the hospitality, commercial, residential and industrial property sectors.

Liquor and Gaming Licences

We include negotiating and amending lease agreements for the sale of liquor or gaming, drafting the Public Interest Assessment; correspondence with all stakeholders including Local and State Government Authorities; and liaising with authorities during the Licence assessment and advertising period.

Commercial/Retail Shop Leasing

We draft and review commercial and/or retail shop leases, negotiating the bond, rent payable and securities; drafting disclosure documents, drafting and reviewing sub-leases and equipment leases for retailers.

Community Strata Titling

We undertake amendments to creation of community title schemes, amendments to by-laws and advice regarding their enforcement, creation or amendment of the Community Management Statement, advice regarding use or development of land including leasing, licensing, easements and by-laws for commercial, industrial and residential body corporates.

Compulsory Acquisitions by Authorities

We provide a review of the notice of intention to resume, negotiating with the authority, liaising with valuers for appropriate compensation, dispute resolution through mediation with the authority, and applications to land Court for hearing if appropriate; for all parties with an interest in the land – landowners, easement holders, leaseholders and/or mortgagees.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your property law or conveyancing matter further, please contact our office on 07 3876 5111.

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Written by:
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